4 Things to Consider When Buying Home Gym Equipment

Have you been looking to buy gym equipment for your home but don’t know where to start? We know there are many factors to consider when choosing the proper equipment to suit your home and needs. However, knowing the quality and type of gym equipment you’re purchasing, identifying the space you have and your overall budget will put you in the right direction.

Research prior to purchasing gym equipment will allow you to determine what you really need instead of purchasing products that sound great but are ineffective and a waste of money. Identifying each of their pros and cons will also help you narrow down your options, leaving you with the best choices.

1. Know What Equipment You're Buying

When it comes to gym equipment the variety may be overwhelming, especially when you’re unsure about what fitness goals you’d like to achieve. It also makes it quite confusing when pieces of equipment have very similar functions but minor differences to each other.

The two main categories of fitness equipment are cardio and strength, both serving unique but similar benefits.

Cardio equipment helps to promote good health, weight loss and relieve stress. It is very beginner friendly and doesn't require any prior knowledge prior to first time use. Cardio equipment is versatile because of its ability to be used for low impact as well as high intensity training. Some examples of cardio equipment include:  treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machinescross trainers and elliptical machines.

Male and female using cardio equipment

Similarly, the benefits of using strength equipment are much like those for cardio, however it requires more skill during execution in order to avoid injury. Strength training is also more effective at building muscle due to the lifting of heavy weights. Some strength equipment you might want to purchase includes leg press, squat racks, barbells and dumbbells.

male and females using various pieces of weight lifting equipment

Functional equipment would also be perfect to pair with your larger machines because it will help improve flexibility and reduce risk of injury. By building functional strength, partaking in daily activities, such as reaching or carrying a heavy object, will feel easier and in turn improve your quality of life. Some examples of equipment you should consider include Ybells, medicine, slam and wall balls, as well as a variety of conditioning accessories.

various pictures of people using functional training equipment

Equipment Quality

When purchasing equipment it is also important to consider the quality of the products. Purchasing second-hand may be great at the start however you don’t have a guaranteed warranty when the product needs repair and servicing. Your risk of injury is also increased because the equipment may be worn down from the previous owners. Doing research into reputable companies that produce high quality products would be beneficial for the longevity of your equipment.

Once you have the equipment, the next step is to ensure that you’re cleaning it properly after use in order to maintain the quality. Although deep cleans after each session is not necessary, you should always be wiping down your equipment with a cloth to remove any sweat and dirt.

Price and your Budget

It is not a surprise that purchasing fitness equipment is a very large investment and requires a strict budget in order to ensure your money is well spent.

You may find cheaper products second-hand, however the costs of servicing may make it more expensive in the long run. Therefore, we do recommend that you spend a little more and purchase brand new to ensure you have a warranty.

However, buying equipment that is priced way above market value does not guarantee its quality, so it's important to shop around.

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How much space do you have?

Before buying the equipment, measure out the space that you have to make sure you can fit everything you need and not clutter up your house. Start by planning out the different types of exercises you’d like to do to suit your fitness goals and then do some research into the equipment needed.

Once you’ve figured out what you need, look at your space again and take into consideration:

  1. Have you got enough space to walk on either side of the rack?: When measuring out your space, take into account you’ll need to load and unload weights as well so be sure to add on the extra distance.

  2. Have you got easy access to power points?: Some cardio equipment, such as treadmills needs to be plugged in to use. We recommend setting them up in a space with easy access to power points to save the risk of the cords being spread out across the room.

  3. Is there any privacy?: If the space had a lot of windows around, maybe consider getting curtains to block off the ability for your neighbours to look into your house as you were working out.

  4. Is it safe?: As some pieces of cardio equipment require electricity, the space would need to be of no risk of getting wet and tucked away so the cords don’t become a safety hazard.

Other things to consider

  1. NoiseWhether the equipment will disturb others in your planned space. For example, treadmills and rowing machines can be very loud when in use, so they’d fit better in a room with a door to limit the amount of noise coming out.

  2. Flooring: Will you require any gym flooring for heavy equipment to sit on top of? Is your flooring supportive enough for your feet when doing free weight activities?

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