How to Build a Home Gym On a Budget

Building a home gym may sound like an expensive process, but it doesn't have to be. Providing premium gym equipment at low prices is our speciality, so let us teach you how you can build a home gym for cheap!

To show you how easy building a budget gym can be we've created four home gym fit-outs, each at different price points. 

Each of these gym set ups include a variety of fitness equipment, from strength to recovery, demonstrating how you can create a functional gym space that meets both your needs and your budget.

The ‘Bang for Your Buck’ - Budget: $500

When you’re trying to change the shape and size of your body, or even if you're just trying to improve your overall level of health and fitness, then it is crucial to continuously challenge yourself. One of the easiest ways to do this is by regularly mixing up your workout routine. Why? Because performing different exercises essentially keeps your body ‘on its toes’, allowing you to target more muscles, recruit more motor neurons, and ultimately, achieve greater results.

If you're working with a smaller budget then it is important to purchase versatile home gym equipment. This will allow you to continue performing a wide variety of exercises but with less tools. For this reason, we have chosen the following gym equipment for our  ‘bang for your buck’ collection.

What’s Included: 

Total cost = $481 


Flat benches are a great choice if you're short on space. They are compact, lightweight, and can be easily incorporated into a wide variety of workouts.

You can use a flat bench on its own to perform or with any free weights for added intensity. 

Some of our favourite exercises to perform with a flat bench include: tricep dips, Bulgarian split squats, bench press, incline push ups and hip thrusts.


YBells are undoubtedly the most versatile piece of equipment on the market. YBells can be a substitute for dumbbells, kettlebells, push-up stands and double-grip medicine balls, essentially making them 4-pieces of equipment in one! 

Made from a non-slip, non-rust material, YBells are built to last. They are extremely easy to transport and store, making them a great addition to gym’s of all shapes and sizes. 

Some of our go to Ybell exercises include: goblet squats, lunges, shoulder press & kettlebell swings.

Y-bell Partner WorkoutY-Bell exercises


GoFit Ultimate Pro Gym

The GoFit Ultimate Pro Gym package includes three resistance tubes, all of varying strengths. Resistance bands are an awesome strength building tool that can be used to add extra resistance to your training. 

Many people also use resistance bands to help with conditioning, mobility and flexibility. 

Some specific exercises you can perform with the GoFit Ultimate gym include: bicep curls, inverted rows (when anchored to door), upright rows and banded kickbacks. 

      Abdominal Wheel

      Ab wheels will give you one of the harshest core burns you'll ever feel... in a good way!

      Designed to build muscle strength and density, ab wheels will kick you core workouts up a notch!

      Exercise Mat

      A timeless bit of workout equipment that has a place in every gym space. Workout mats provide a comfortable and supportive space for executing floor-based exercises.

      Use it for working out, cooling down, or stretching. 


      I think just about every member of the World Fitness fam loves to lift weights, and it’s not just because we want to get shredded! Smashing a weights session or hitting a personal best leaves us feeling proud and accomplished, which is a great way to boost our mental health and well being! 

      Besides from helping us feel good mentally, strength training also has a ton of physical benefits. Lifting weights helps to burn excess fat, improve balance, strengthen our bones and promotes better joint health, helping us to be the healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves!

      So, whether you’re just starting out or already hooked on strength training, our lifters ultimate home gym has everything you need to smash your goals! 

      What's included:

      Total cost = $1057

      A squat rack, weight bench, Olympic barbell and bumper plates are essential in any weight lifting gym.

      This combination of strength equipment is the best for performing your big compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press and barbell rows. These are your standard barbell movements that have a place in every strength building program.

      The reason we decided to include barbells over dumbbells in this collection is because you can generally lift much heavier loads with a barbell. Lifting more weight is one of the most effective ways to increase your overall strength and muscle mass, and doing so can help you achieve a strong and toned physique.

      Olympic Barbell

      If you're kitting out your gym space with these recommendations then we suggest choosing the Body Iron 7ft Bronze Olympic Barbell.  

      Olympic barbells are always our first choice as most rigs and racks are designed to be used with a 7ft barbell.

      The Bronze Olympic in particular has a massive 318kg weight capacity, strong enough to handle any punishment you through its way. It also features a slim handle and smooth chrome finish for an easy and comfortable grip.

      Bumper Plates

      Body Iron's bumper plates are built with high quality rubber, made to withstand frequent use. Their bouncy texture means they can be dropped from above head-height, giving you the reassurance needed to lift heavy weights with reduced risk of injury or damage to your equipment.

      Squat Rack

      A squat rack or power cage is the statement piece of any weight lifting gym, because without it, how are you going to shift any weight?

      For the lifters home gym we've recommended the Body Iron Squat Stand Reinforced E2. This squat rack has over 30 adjustable positions to accommodate every each and every user, as well as standard sizing to easily fit into a smaller gym space. It also comes fitted with 8cm safety hooks and a wide frame for extra stability and support whilst lifting those heavy weights.

      Adjustable Bench

      Out of all the benches, adjustable benches offer the most variety. Also known as FID benches (or flat, incline, decline benches), these awesome pieces of equipment allow you to adjust your bench into a position that is optimal for you. 

      By altering your angle FID benches not only help to keep your body in the safest, most secure position, but they also drastically increase the number of exercises you can do. For instance, you can mix-up your traditional bench press by doing some incline or decline presses, or you could try some chest-supported reverse flyes. 


      We know a lot of you may quiver when you hear the word ‘cardio’, but this budget-friendly, home gym package will show you just how fun and rewarding this type of exercise can really be! 

      Now, not to shock you straight off the bat or anything but... Cardio doesn’t just mean running for hours on end, or slaving away over your exercise bike (by all means enjoy though if that's your jam!). In reality, there are endless amounts of cardio workouts that are as equally enjoyable as they are effective, including circuit classes, HIIT, interval training or simply, just a nice leisurely stroll in the big, beautiful outdoors. 

      Although some of these training techniques may seem more appealing than others, they all ultimately offer the same benefits, including:

      • Increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity.
      • Better heart health. 
      • Aiding weight loss.
      • Boosting your immune system.
      • Releasing endorphins to help promote positive mental health.

      So, if you want to be left feelin’ good and lookin’ good, making your home gym cardio-friendly is the way to go!

      What's included:

      Total cost = $1456 - 1556

      Treadmill / Exercise Bike / Rowing Machine

      Alright, we know we said that you wouldn’t have to slave over a cardio machine to work on your aerobic fitness, but let's face it, no home gym would be complete without a treadmill, exercise bike or rowing machine. That is why we have let you pick your poison from the three options above.

      The cardio machines we've selected for the cardio heaven gym are all compact in size, purposefully designed to fit into any gym space. They all offer multiple resistance levels and various in-built programs to challenge users of all ages and fitness levels. 

      What’s great about cardio machines is that they can be used for both LISS (low intensity steady state training) and HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts to meet all your preferences.

      Medicine Balls

      Medicine balls are great for using individually or with a partner. Their bouncy material can be used against the wall or floor, and they are super effective for working multiple muscles simultaneously.

      Exercises such as wall balls and medicine ball sit-ups are not only going to elevate your heart rate and get you into that fat burning zone, but they will also help strengthen and tone your shoulders, abs, arms and legs.

      Pump Set

      If you’ve ever been to a pump class, you know they really get the heart going! Designed to be used with lower weights and higher repetitions, pump sets offer all the same benefits as regular barbell and weight plates, only it is much smaller, lighter and easier to use. They are the perfect tool to incorporate some light weights into your cardio workouts to help burn extra calories, increase your muscular endurance and build strength. 

      TRX Suspension Trainers

      The unique benefit of this gym equipment is that they can be used pretty much anywhere. Anchor it to a door, or secure it to a fixture at your local playground and you’re ready to get to work!

      Utilising your own body weight as resistance, TRX trainers enable you to hit every muscle group with a single piece of equipment.

      Incorporate a TRX into your next HIIT workout with mountain climbers, back rows or incline push-ups to really fast track your results!

      Female in black shirt performing TRX back rows


      We haven't missed a beat with this home gym. Offering the best value for money, with a solid mix of strength, cardio and functional equipment, this home gym set up shows just how cheaply you can set up a home gym that has it all!

      Including a diverse range of products you'll be able to switch up your training for maximum results. By incorporating different exercises into your program you’re going to prevent overuse injuries, as well as hit more muscles for increased gains. It's also a great way to ensure you don’t get bored with your training, so that you can remain motivated and consistent when it comes to reaching your goals! 

      What's included:

      Total cost = $1789

      Multi Station Home Gyms

      Multi station gyms offer a safe, simple and effective method of lifting weights at home. With multiple workout stations attached to the one machine multi station home gyms give you the exercise variety needed to smash your health and fitness goals, whilst keeping your training fresh and progressive.

      Wall Balls

      Wall balls are a great addition to any functional training program. These big, beautiful balls of squishy-goodness are designed to absorb impact, meaning you can throw it against the wall or floor without causing any damage.

      Some of our favourite exercises to do with wall balls include wall throws, incline push up, bear carries and wall sits.

        Skipping Rope

        Guaranteed to make you break a sweat, skipping offers a full body workout with an array of benefits. Burn fat, strengthen your legs and increase your endurance with a single exercise.

        Exercise Bike

        Stationary gym bikes are a great option for your home gym as they take up minimal space, can be easily moved, stored or transported, and offer a serious cardio burn.

        Boxing Bag and Boxing Gloves

        Boxing is an awesome way to get your mind and body into shape. Offering a fierce workout that anyone can get around, boxing is also an excellent release from stress and mental anguish, helping to improve your mental health whilst you reap physical gains. 

        Sparring practice in boxing ring

        If you require any assistance setting up your home gym, we encourage you to email our friendly and expert team at 

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