5 things to consider when building a home gym

We understand building a home gym may seem overwhelming for some, which is why we are here to help. The beauty about home gyms is that you can cater to your own needs and abilities.

Whether you are a beginner or are an advanced trainer, home gyms are perfect for you. Before you jump into building, there are many aspects to consider when constructing your own home gym. Do you have the space for your equipment in your home? Do you know what equipment you might need to achieve the results you’re after? What equipment is best suited to you and your home? 

Home Gym Setup

There are many benefits to having your very own home fitness space, so here are 5 key points to consider before you begin...

Having the space for your gym equipment

Before you start browsing all the gym equipment you just can’t wait to buy, you need to decide on a space in your home that’s going to allow you to fit what you need to achieve the right results.

If you have a big space available in your home, then that’s great! If you only have a smaller area to perform your workouts, then that’s ok too. Why? Because there’s so many different types of equipment and machines available on the market, that can allow you to complete full body workouts.

Once you’ve decided on a space and know exactly how much room you have to work with, you can then start browsing!

Choosing gym equipment to achieve your desired results

When it comes to home gyms and buying gym equipment, it is important to understand your own fitness ability. Taking your fitness level into account is crucial, so you can purchase the equipment you need to begin with and then as your strength and/or level of fitness improves, you can continue to add to your gym.

For example, you might like to begin by starting out with some dumbbells, weights or even Ybells (4 pieces of equipment in 1!).

If you are an advanced gym junkie, then you might like to spice up your fitness space with one of our multi-station home gyms

Making the most out of your home gym

Grab your water bottle, pop your pre-workout and chuck on your favourite tunes. What’s great about owning a home gym is that it’s much easier and sometimes more convenient to work into your daily routine. Maybe you only have time for a 20 minute workout before work one morning? Well there’s no point spending 10 minutes driving to the gym, to then turn around and come back. Instead you can utilise that entire 20 minutes dedicated to your workout in your very own fitness space. Perhaps you aren’t getting home until late one night? No need to worry about your gym closing, because your home gym will never close!

Invest in some good quality equipment

When building your home gym, it is important to invest in good quality gym equipment. Why? Because if you’re continually having trouble or difficulty with low grade equipment, then you’ll dread your workouts and will eventually stop using your home gym all together - what a waste! When you spend time searching for the right gym equipment in great condition and equipment that is working efficiently, you’ll be more excited to use the equipment, thus allowing you to achieve the results you’ve always dreamt of. 


We understand that some days are better than others and when it comes to motivation and some of us may even struggle to find it in the first place. Some of our top tips to keep up your motivation is to:

  • Ensure your goals are achievable and always remind yourself of what those goals are
  • Continually track your progress (once you start seeing progress, you’ll become hooked)
  • Plan it out: if you already have a plan for your workout before stepping into your fitness space, you’ll be less inclined to get distracted and lose motivation
  • Remove the guilt… if you miss a day or two here or there, get over it. Each day is a new day and a new day is a new beginning

Are you ready to start building your dream home gym space? If you need a hand with finding the right equipment that’s perfect for you, feel free to get in touch with our expert team!

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