What Gym Equipment Is Best For You?

Black and grey weight plates with dumbbell handle

Working out but not seeing your desired results? Take our quiz to reveal the best gym equipment for helping you achieve your goals!

The decision to workout is only half the battle. The key to success if making sure you're incorporating the right tools into your training.

Take the guesswork out of exercise with this fun, quick quiz, created to help you choose the right equipment for your goals and needs.


Question 1: What is your main fitness goal?

a) To get lean

b) To tone up

c) To build strength

d) All of the above


Question 2: What do you do for fun?

a) Retail therapy

b) Netflix and chill

c) BBQ with friends

d) Watching Sunday sports at the pub


Question 3: What level of experience do you have in the gym?

a) Um… who’s Jim?

b) A little

c) Gym is my therapy

d) I’ve got some skills


Question 4: What’s your go to workout song?

a) Fergalicious - Fergie

b) Stronger - Kayne West

c) FTS - Showtek

d) Eye of the Tiger - Survivor


Question 5: What’s your go to lunch?

a) Salad and smoothie

b) Chicken wrap

c) Burger and chips

d) Tuna and rice


Question 6: What motivates you to workout?

a) My bomb ass playlist

b) Being able to enjoy a donut guilt free

c) Trying to hit PR every session

d) My gym buddy


If you answered mostly...

A's - Treadmill

Grey Bodyworx treadmill from birds eye view

You're most likely that friend who always says 'I'll start Monday'. The idea of working out intrigues you, however, you don't really know what to do or where to start. Being in shape is important to you, so you know it's time to start your exercise journey. So, let's start with the basics! Treadmills are the cream of the crop when it comes to cardio machines. They are safe and easy to use, offer multiple intensities, and can include features like headphone jacks or speakers, so you can rock out while you workout. Treadmill's are a great tool to help you increase your level of physical activity, burn some cals and get into shape!

B's - Multi-Station Home Gym

Black and red Next Fitness multi station gym

You need balance in your routine. You enjoy working out, but kicking back and living life is just as important. You kinda-sorta know what you're doing when to comes to the gym, however, a little guidance doesn't go astray. You aren't afraid to lift weights, but doing so isn't exactly your forte'. This is why a multi station home gym is the PERFECT piece of home gym equipment for you. Multi station gyms allow for exercise variety, are user-friendly, and are simple to use. They allow for full body workouts, great for shaping, tightening and toning your physique. 

C's - Weights

Blonde woman doing dumbbell chest press

Your eyes light up when you hear the words 'bulking season'. Protein is apart of every meal, and you never miss a leg day. You're absolutely no stranger to the gym, in fact, it's your safe haven. You're on a mission to build strength and muscle mass. You already know that lifting weights is the way to get there. Free weights give you the flexibility and variety needed to target every possible muscle. You can incorporate progressive overload into your training plan by upping your weights, sets and reps, continually pushing yourself to your limits.

D's - Boxing

blue punch fitness boxing gloves

Mike Tyson is your hero, and you can't get enough of the Netflix series Kingdom! You're more than a miles way into your fitness journey, however, you're looking for something to spice things up. You like working out with others, and you're excited by a bit of friendly competition. The goal of being your healthiest self is your main focus, and boxing is the way to get you there. The perfect mix of strength, cardio and endurance, boxing training is the best workout for peak fitness. Step into the ring for some friendly competition, or complete some classes if that's more your style. Either way, boxing is the ideal workout for you and your goals!

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