140kg Black Pro Bumper Plate Set
140kg Black Pro Bumper Plate Set
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140kg Black Pro Bumper Plate Set

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Whats included

If you love performing big explosive movements in the gym and need a huge range of exercises covered, then you need these Body Iron bumper plates!

Made from smooth, natural rubber, these weight plates are designed to be dropped from above head height, making them an excellent tool for practising all your major Olympic moves, such as deadlifts, snatches and overhead presses. Their bouncy texture is highly resistant to wear and tear and protects your other equipment and flooring from marks and/or damage.

The heavily reinforced steel core of these bumper plate sets provides robustness and protects the rubber from wear and tear against the bar, as well as prevents the rubber from wearing down, increasing its lifetime and value, and the clear white decals allow easy identification when you're in the zone.

This package contains pairs of 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, and 25kg for a total weight of 140kg, covering a huge variety of exercises at different rep ranges, particularly as a beginner to the intermediate weightlifter. Their standard size also makes for easier lifting off the ground, ensuring a more natural movement. This means you can focus on maintaining your form to get the most out of your reps and help reduce the likelihood of injury.

Although bumper plate sets are typically used for Olympic moves, there's nothing stopping you from incorporating one of the lower weight plates into any abdominal routine.

No matter how you like to train with your weights, our Body Iron bumper plates set will have all your bases covered so you can get the most out of your workouts.

  • SIZE: Regardless of weight, all bumper plates have the same circumference. Their large size makes it easier to lift weights off the ground, allowing for a more natural movement, that doesn’t compromise your form.

  • RUBBER: Provides extra peace of mind when lifting heavier weights as they are designed to be dropped on the ground.

  • 51mm CENTRE HOLE: Compatible with Olympic barbells.

  • STEEL RING: All our Body Iron Olympic weight plates have a heavily reinforced steel ring at the centre that protects both your barbell and weight plates from wear and tear. It also stops the rubber from wearing down which increases their longevity.

  • WHITE DECAL WRITING: To easy identify the weights you need.


  • 25kg plates: 45cm (L) X 45cm (W) X 8.5cm (H).
  • 20kg plates:  45cm (L) X 45cm (W) X 7.5cm (H).
  • 15kg plates: 45cm (L) X 45cm (W) X 6cm (H).
  • 10kg plates: 45cm (L) X 45cm (W) X 4cm (H).
  • Product Weight: 10kg (20kg for pair), 15kg (30kg for pair), 20kg (40kg for pair), 25kg (50kg for pair) = total weight: 140kg. 

Shipping Weight: 140kg.

Material: Solid, natural rubber.

Finish: Solid rubber with steel ring centre. White printed letters with weight and Body Iron branding.