80kg Olympic Barbell & Bumper Plate Set (Pre Order ETA October 20th-30th)
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80kg Olympic Barbell & Bumper Plate Set (Pre Order ETA October 20th-30th)
80kg Olympic Barbell & Bumper Plate Set (Pre Order ETA October 20th-30th)

80kg Olympic Barbell & Bumper Plate Set (Pre Order ETA October 20th-30th)

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Suitable for all fitness levels ✓  Variety ✓  Durable ✓  Simple to Use ✓

Want to build a home gym but not to sure where to start? Our 80kg Olympic Barbell & Bumper Plate Set is the perfect way to kick things off! Taking it back to the basics, this quick pick package has everything you need to lift heavy and crush any strength-related goal!

Olympic barbell's sit top of the pecking order when it comes to gym equipment. They can be incorporated into almost any style of training, and offer a ton of upper and lower body exercises. Barbell's are one of the most important tools when it comes to developing strength, increasing muscle size and promoting fat loss, and an absolute MUST in every gym space.

Chuck on some of our legendary Body Iron Bumper Plates and you've got a huge amount of weight to work with.  Made from a smooth, natural rubber, these weight plates are designed to dropped from above head height, making them an excellent tool for practising all your major barbell moves, such as deadlifts, squats and overhead presses.

Honestly, if you're looking to tone, tighten, sculpt or reshape your body in any way, it's a no brainer to choose this timeless duo.

  • Reshape your Physique: lifting weights enables us to completely reshape our bodies. Whether you're looking to build some baby biceps or huge guns, shred fat or add some muscle mass, this dynamic duo can help you achieve your goals!

  • Build Strength: weight training is one of the most effective methods for building strength and size. Paired with a well balanced diet and plenty of protein, and you'll be looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger in no time.

  • Variety: you know you best, and that is why we've given you the choice to pick the perfect barbell for your fitness space.

The 1000lbs rated barbell is a great entry-level bar for beginner lifters. It can be used to perform most your standard barbell movements, including bench press and squats, however we do not recommend using it for deadlifting or Olympic lifts.

The Bronze barbell (1250lbs rated) is a step above entry level. It's fairly similar to the 1000lbs rated, however this tough nut can handle a little more weight. We recommend opting for this bar if you're starting to advance in your training, are upping your weights, or training more regularly. It can be used for deadlifting, however if you're going to be stacking on the plates or lifting fairly heavy on most days, we suggest going for a barbell with a higher weight rating.

Our Titan barbell sits middle of the road. We suggest this bar to anyone who regularly incorporates deadlifts and/or Olympic lifts into their workouts. There is no knurling in the centre of the handle which makes it great option for cross-fit style training, where you are regularly adjusting or 'catching' the bar. It also offers a sleek, black zinc finish which is nice on the hands and resistant to rust and corrosion.

The Obsidian and Slate barbells are our premium, competition-grade bars. These bad boys are made for our more advanced lifters who are ready to stack on the plates and lift some ridiculous weight! These barbells are made from some of the highest quality steel, forged with PSI to rival some of the worlds most expensive barbells. They can be used for all barbell movements, and were built to withstand regular and consistent heavy-weight training.

Still can't decide? Click here for our Barbell Buyer's Bible