Body Iron 75mm X 75mm Monolift Attachment
Black monolift power rack attachment
Red lock in pins for mono lift rack attachment
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Body Iron 75mm X 75mm Monolift Attachment

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A game changer for every weightlifter. The Body Iron Monolift attachment will turn your power rack into an absolute beast! Offering an unreal alternative to a full-size Monolift, which are intimidating and not only complex to use but require a training partner and two man operation, this Monolift attachment can be operated solo. You'll save a ton of gym space, and leave a much small dent in the bank with this rack attachment.

Eliminating the need to walk out from the rack with hefty weights on your back, which can often tax your muscles from performing before you have even started the working set the monolift attachment enables you to perform heavy squats and other lifts in the most safe and secure environment. 

Although the monolift is most commonly used for squatting, it can also be used for bench press. Users often report less pressure on the wrists, elbows and shoulders when un-racking with this attachment.

Using a design similar to J-hooks, they work through an innovative mechanism installed in the hooks that causes the catchers to automatically drop as you un-rack the bar. Leaving ample lifting space, this sets you up for the perfect squats, as you'll be able to start each life in a secure and controlled position.

Re-racking the bar will be as effortless as unloading, as the tilted angle of the unloaded hooks make it easy to replace the bar, returning the monolift rack attachment to its starting position.

As an additional safety mechanism, this attachment comes with two red locking pins, designed to hold the monolift in place and prevent any unwarranted swaying. There is 35cm of hang from the pin to here the attachment is hooked up to the un-racking position.

Sold in pairs, these monolift's are compatible with the Body Iron Commercial Power Rack PR8000, one of Body Iron's most elite power racks. Once installed you can easily adjust the height to suit your needs.

Please note: Although the Body Iron monolift attachment is safe for solo lifting, we highly recommend still using safety spotters. As an additional safety measure, it is also recommended to bolt your rack into the floor.


Maximum Weight Capacity:  450kg.



Dimensions: 60cm (L) X 7.5cm (W) X 43cm (H).

Pin Size (Red): 2.5cm

Attachment Pin Diameter: 25mm.

Tube Size: 75mm X 75mm.  



Materials: Steel.

Finish: Powder coated paint.



Box 1: 13cm (L) X 40cm (W) X 57cm (H) - 16kg.

  • SAVE SPACE AND MONEY: Eliminating the need to buy a full scale monolift, this rack attachment will save money and valuable gym space.

  • CONTROLLED LIFTING: Removing the need to walk out with the weighted bar on your shoulders, the monolift makes it much easier, and safer to perform heavy lifts.

  • REDUCED RISK OF INJURY: By ensuring you remain balanced and controlled while un-racking you'll lower your risk of moving the body in a way that's damaging.

12 months.