Body Iron Commercial Po DIP/CHIN ASSIST
Body Iron Commercial Po DIP/CHIN ASSIST
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Body Iron Commercial Po DIP/CHIN ASSIST

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Body Iron Commercial Pro DIP/CHIN ASSIST solid built. It also one of the only models that comes with 88Kg selectorised cast iron weight stacks and Multi grip chin up bars.

Solid high quality steel counter weight allows users to choose from 36kg to 88kg, with 5kg increase successively. Both up and bottom ends of the weight stack are equipped with durable cushion. The stainless solid steel guide rod is rust resistant under compression and distortion. There are magnetic latch and fixation to prevent lose attachment during movement.

The cables used are aircraft quality and have 2000 lb tensile strength.

Ideal for use in hotels, apartments, corporate gyms, PT studios and Home use.

Comfortable knee pads, rotatable tilt handles and multi-position pull-up handles are part of the highly versatile dip/chin assist device. The knee pad can be folded to realize the user’s unassisted exercise. The linear bearing mechanism provides guarantee for the overall stability and durability of the equipment.

● Users can choose whether to perform unassisted exercise according to their actual situation, and the intensity of assistance can also be freely selected to maximize the extent to help users complete the correct trajectory, to achieve satisfactory training effects.

● A whole piece of thickened knee pad provides strong support for the beginner's auxiliary training process while ensuring comfort, so that they can focus on the training of the corresponding muscle group.

● Provide users with a higher foothold, regardless of whether the user is proficient or not, the large steps allow them to enter training more easily and safely.

  • 88KG weight stack
  • Weight stacks have been fitted with magnetic weight pins.
  • Multi grip chin up bars
  • Approximate Dimensions: 137cmW x 155cmL x236cmH
  • Commercial Steel Tube 100*50 3mm, 50*50*3MM and Steel Plate 10mm
  • Cable: 6mm
  • Product Weight 269kg
  • Heavy duty steel construction.
  • Commercial or Home Use
  • Quick and easy adjustments.
  • Warranty
  • Shipped in a 47cm -110cm- 245cm crate  294KG
  • Frame Colour: Metallic Black