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Body Iron Commercial Pro Counter-Balanced Smith Machine

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The Commercial Pro Smith Machine is popular among users as an innovative, stylish, and safe plate loaded machine. The vertical motion of the Smith bar provides a stable path to assist exercisers in achieving the correct squat. Multiple locking positions allow users to stop training by rotating the Smith bar at any point during process of the exercise, and a cushioned base on the bottom protects the machine from damage caused by a sudden drop of the load bar.

The Body Iron Commercial Pro Counter-Balanced Smith Machine features ultra-smooth linear bearings combined with machined steel guide rods that assure a super smooth movement heavy-duty tubular steel frame.

This smith machine is driven by a bearing system stability and smoothness. Smith Machine Bar is adjustable loaded safety catches provide safety at all times

It consists of a barbell that is fixed within steel rails, allowing only vertical movement. See our feature lists below with our smith machine compare with others. There are some differences in construction that you need to know before you buy the wrong smith machine and end up with an expensive coat hanger.

Counterbalanced to a comfortable 7KG, this smith machine allows any size user to start with an appropriate amount of resistance, then handles up to 500kg with ease. Its reverse pitch and silky smooth vertical carriage ensure freedom of biomechanically correct movement as you move safely and efficiently through routines that can include bench press, chest press, military press, squats, lunges, curls, shoulder shrugs and dozens of other muscle-massing exercises.

Smith machine is considered safer to use than an ordinary barbell. Since the weight does not need to be stabilized this can allow unstable lifters to lift more weight. It also eliminates the need for a spotter.

The Smith Bar System
● Provides a low starting weight to simulate a more realistic weightlifting experience. The fixed track can help beginners to better stabilize the body and can stop and quit training at any time. For experienced exercisers, it can be combined with an Adjustable Bench to provide more and safer free weight training.

Open Design
● The open design of the Smith Machine provides the exerciser with the feeling of free weights in terms of environmental guidance. The ample exercise space and wider field of vision enhance the experience and freedom of training.

Weight Storage Horns
● Six weight storage horns provide ample storage space for weight plates, which offers a large range of options for different exercisers' training programs.

With 12 months warranty on parts and frame there's no need to second guess that this should be your next World Fitness purchase. 

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500 KG capacity

6 Storage Pegs for Olympic Plates

Counter-Balanced 7KG

Heavy-duty guide rods with hardened chrome

Product Weight 258kg

Heavy-duty steel construction.

Home Use or Commercial

Quick and easy adjustments.

Suitable for Olympic Plates Only

Colour: Metallic Black


Weight Capacity500kg


Assembled Dimensions: 221cm (L) X 153cm (W) X 219cm (H). 

  • Shipped in a 225cm*155cm*44cm crate 309KG
  • Smith Machine:  500 KG capacity

12 months parts and frame.

Please note: General wear and tear is not covered under warranty.