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Body Iron Garage Rig ES2 Cage V2
Body Iron Garage Rig ES2 Cage V2
Body Iron Garage Rig ES2 Cage V2
Body Iron Garage Rig ES2 Cage V2
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Body Iron Garage Rig ES2 Cage V2

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Take your garage gym to the next level with the Body Iron Wall Mounted Cage ES2 V2. Once bolted in, this bad boy is ready to handle some serious weight!

Not built for the faint hearted, this cage has been carefully constructed with thick, solid steel, made to withstand frequent use with heavy weights. 

The wide frame and four pillar construction offers extra stability and reduces any cage movement to an absolute minimum. It also comes equipped with two strong sets of safety spotter hooks, one 8cm pair and one 30cm pair, for additional peace of mind whilst you work out.

The Body Iron ES2 V2 cage also features multiple pull-up bars. This means you’re able to find the position that is most comfortable for you to perform pull-ups and chin-ups, which are highly effective for targeting your back, shoulders and arms.

  • Construction: thick, heavy-duty steel frame covered in a smooth, black powder coated finish.
  • Adjustable Height: offering 33 height positions that allows for natural movement.
  • Safety: secured into wall and floor. Also offers adjustable safety spotter hooks and a wide frame design to ensure all aspects of safety and support have been addressed.
  • Equipment Compatibility: can be used with any Olympic barbell and Olympic weight plates. You can also easily move a weight bench in and out to performing a wider range of movements.

Assembled Dimensions: 106cm (L) X 111cm (W) X 250cm (H) approx.

Material: Steel.

Finish: black powder coating.

Maximum Pull Up Bar Height: 242cm approx.

12 months.