Black Smith Machine with Gun Rack and Spotter Arms
Weight plate pegs attached to black smith machine
Body Iron Commercial Pro Club Smith Machine
Black Smith Machine with 11-Tier Barbell Gun Rack
Sleeve on Black Olympic Smith Machine with Silver Spring Collars
Body Iron Commercial Pro Club Smith Machine
Body Iron Commercial Pro Club Smith Machine
Body Iron Commercial Pro Club Smith Machine
Body Iron Commercial Pro Club Smith Machine
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Body Iron Commercial Pro Club Smith Machine

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The Body Iron Commercial Pro Club Smith Machine is one of a kind. Suitable for both home and commercial studios, this smith machine is going to take your fitness to the next level!

Built with heavy duty steel tubing, the Body Iron Pro Club Smith Machine is virtually indestructible, surviving even the toughest lifting sessions. 

Equipped with a smooth linear bearing system and an Olympic sized barbell rod, this smith machine allows you too effortlessly glide up and down the guide rods allowing for a natural range of motion.

This guided motion is great for a variety of lifters, including:
• Gym newbies who are trying to learn the correct movement patterns.
• Athletes recovering from any injury and have a limited range of motion. 
• People who suffer from joint or mobility issues and require a little extra support during their lifts.
• Experienced weightlifters who are looking to up their weights during heavy lifts such as squats, bench press and deadlifting. 

Attached to the either side of the barbell rod are two safety catchers which hook into the back of the smith machine uprights. This is an excellent safety mechanism which enables you to easily re-rack the bar when the weights too heavy or you fail a rep, keeping you safe whilst training alone.

The Body Iron Commercial Pro Club Smith Machine also doubles as a fully functioning squat rack. Attached to the front of the smith machine is an 11-tier barbell gun rack, designed to meet all exercise and user demands. To fully accomodate free-weight training this machine also comes with a pair of adjustable safety spotters.

Just when you thought this smith machine couldn't get any better, attached to the back of the frame are 6 Olympic weight plate storage pegs for your added convenience. 

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Product Weight: 108kg.

Maximum Weight Capacity - Smith Machine: 280kg.

Maximum Weight Capacity - Barbell Gun-Rack: 400kg.

Maximum Weight Capacity - Spotter Arms: 280kg.



Assembled Dimensions: 140cm (L) X 200cm (W) X 210cm (H).

Inside Width: 110cm.

Outside Width: 200cm.

Inside Depth: 120cm.



Material: Steel.

Finish: Matte black powder coated paint.

Tube Size: 75mm X 50mm.

Hole Spacing:

Smith Machine (back of front upright posts)- 8cm.

Squat Rack (front of front upright posts) - 14cm.

Number of Holes:

Smith Machine - 17.

Squat Rack - 11.



1 x Pair of 30cm adjustable safety spotters.

1 X Pair of Olympic spring collars.

6 X Olympic weight plate storage pegs - 23cm long. 50mm in diameter.

1 X 11 Tier gun rack. 

Please note: the bottom weight plate storage pegs are not designed to hold bumper plates or large diameter plates.



Box 1: 11cm (L) X 44cm (W) X 237cm (H) - 57kg.

Box 2: 14cm (L) X 28cm (W) X 185cm (H) - 58kg.

  • COMMERCIALLY GRADED: suitable for all home and commercial gyms.

  • MULTI POSITION GUN RACK: allows for the optimal range of motion for all body types.

  • HEAVY DUTY 4 WAY WELD: for added structural integrity.

  • LINEAR BEARING SMITH SYSTEM: provides a smooth and comfortable movement. 

  • SOLID LIFTING BAR: the bar attached to the smith machine purposefully replicates an Olympic barbell to ensure you are learning exercises correctly and can train for the most secure grip.

  • 7 DEGREE LEAN ON BACK UPRIGHTS: accommodates the body's natural path of movement.

12 months warranty