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Man doing cable chest flies on cable machine
Brunette man doing bicep curls on smith machine
Brunette man doing back squats on smith machine
Man doing cable chest flies on functional trainer
Man doing bench press on smith machine
Bodycraft XFT Functional Trainer
Bodycraft XFT Functional Trainer with optional adjustable bench
Bodycraft XFT Functional Trainer
Bodycraft XFT Functional Trainer
Bodycraft XFT Functional Trainer
Bodycraft XFT Functional Trainer
Bodycraft XFT Functional Trainer
Bodycraft XFT Functional Trainer
Bodycraft XFT Functional Trainer
Bodycraft XFT Functional Trainer
Bodycraft XFT Functional Trainer
Bodycraft XFT Functional Trainer
Bodycraft XFT Functional Trainer
Bodycraft XFT Functional Trainer
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Bodycraft XFT Functional Trainer

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Introducing the BodyCraft XFT, the most comprehensive strength training system ever created. Designed and engineered by Bodycraft, the patented XFT fuses free weight barbell training with a functional training machine within a compact 152.4cm X 127cm (61"" X 50”) floor space.

The XFT was designed to allow you to safely perform countless exercises in a natural and safe fashion. Whether you’re a performance athlete or just beginning your journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle, the XFT functional trainer will give you what it takes to meet and exceed your goals.

One of the greatest assets of this machine is the smith machine, a strength training device designed to replicate free weight barbell training while prioritising safety, ease of use, and encouraging the most natural range of motion for all exercises. The industrial-grade linear bearings are exceptionally smooth and encourage both vertical and horizontal natural movement.

What's great about the XFT's smith machine is that it is counter-balanced. This allows you to go from one exercise to the next within seconds.

The functional training system is also top of the line, featuring adjustable dual swivelling pulleys on chrome cable columns with 32 different height positions. It also comes with a ton of functional trainer accessories, so whether you want to power up your golf swing with the sports stick or are preparing for your kayak trip with the long bar, we have you covered.

Its heavy gauge steel construction and hardened steel bolts at all key joints increase its safety and allow it to withstand any punishment you give it! The cool powder coating finish looks slick and will blend nicely into any gym environment, as well as protecting against usual wear and tear. If that wasn't enough, the 5-year warranty on the frame and 1 year for parts, offers peace of mind in the unlikely event anything does go wrong.


Weight Stack: 90.7kg (200lbs). 



Assembled Dimensions: 154.94cm (L) X 127cm (W) X 210.82cm (H).

Barbell Width: 134.62cm.

Barbell Travel: 

Horizontal - 50.8cm.

Vertical - 152.4cm.

Barbell Positions: 162.56cm (W) with 1 inch increments.

Functional Swivelling Pulley Vertical Travel: 155.575cm.

Functional Swivelling Pulley Positions: 81.28cm with 2 inch increments. 

Functional Swivelling Pulley Cable Length: 236.22cm. 



Material: heavy-gauge steel with hardened steel bolts at all connection points. 

Finish: powder coated paint.

Bearings: industrial grade linear bearings.



2 X Weight stacks.

1 X Long bar.

1 X Sports stick.

1 X Ankle cuff.

1 X Assisted chin up strap.

1 X Cable rope. 

1 X Multi-grip chin up bar. 

2 X Chains.

2 X Single Handles.

2 X Lower loops - used to connect battle ropes and banded exercises.

5 X Workout posters - provides exercise examples for your arms, chest, core, back and legs. 



F320 Flat /Incline / Decline System Bench - $649

  • FULL RANGE OF MOTION: the patented XFT BARBELL was designed to give you a full range of motion when performing exercises. Unlike a Smith machine the XFT BARBELL freely travels both vertically and horizontally through industrial grade linear bearings. Coupled with a blue anodized rotating bar, you can safely perform barbell exercises such as Power Cleans (shown), Bicep Curls, Squats, Bench Press, and many more all while the XFT BARBELL reacts to your natural movements, never forcing an unnatural path of motion like a Smith machine. 

  • COUNTER-WEIGHTED CARRIAGE SYSTEM: with Qui carriage system with Quick-Set handle.

  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE LINEAR BEARINGS: providing resistance when lifting both up and while pulling/pushing down, with a freely rotating bar, the XFT Barbell smoothly travels in a natural motion both horizontally and vertically through industrial grade linear bearings in a full free range of movement with 20” of free horizontal travel and 60” of vertical travel.

  • DOUBLE THE WEIGHT: for those who need more weight the unique DOUBLE-UP feature provides the XFT Barbell with 2 X the weight. Your 200lb weight stack is now 400lbs! This feature ensures that you will never outgrow the XFT. 

  • DUAL LOCKING BARBELL LEVERS: to lockout fore-aft motion.

  • LASER ETCHED NUMBERS: for effortless adjustment. 

Need some inspiration? You can find 88 workout videos right here, just 

click here.

Bodycraft XFT functional trainer exercise guide


Frame: 5 years.

Parts:1 year.

Labour: 1 year.