Bodyworx Commercial Medicine Ball 9 kg
Bodyworx Commercial Medicine Ball 9 kg
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Bodyworx Commercial Medicine Ball 9 kg

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The Bodyworx Commercial Medicine Ball 9kg is a very versatile weighted ball that can be used for a wide range of exercises. Otherwise known as exercise balls, med balls or fit balls, these come in a variety of sizes and they can all be found here.

This medicine ball can be used to exercise any part of your body, whether it’s upper, lower or core. Suitable for both home or commercial use. The round shape of the ball makes it easy to hold during your workouts, especially for upper body and core exercises. Some exercises you can use the medicine ball for include (but are not limited to): sit ups, push ups and russian twists.

Although perfect for strength training, using them for rehabilitation training is also beneficial. Not only can it help build strength, it also enhances general fitness and coordination.

This medicine ball is designed to be bounced and is perfect for individual or partner training. However, it should not be slammed!




COLOUR: Blue and Black

  • VERSATILE - can be used for a wide range of exercises
  • BUILDS TOTAL BODY STRENGTH - can be used to target different muscle groups across your entire body
  • ENHANCES FLEXIBILITY AND COORDINATION - rehabilitation training can help to enhance flexibility and coordination
  • INDIVIDUAL OR PARTNER USE - due to the bouncy nature of the ball, this can be used individually or also with a partner

3 months part warranty.

General wear and tear is not covered.

NOTE: medicine balls are not designed for slamming. This may cause the ball to split. In such instances, this would NOT be covered under warranty.