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Body Iron Echo Dip Belt
Body Iron Echo Dip Belt
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Body Iron Echo Dip Belt

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The Body Iron Echo Dip Belt is a piece of fitness equipment used to enhance resistance for upper-body movements. Featuring a contoured belt construction that moulds to the body and a chain at the front which allows additional weights to be added.

This dip belt is fully adjustable (one size fits all), so it’s perfect for anyone and everyone. The chain has the ability to hold up to an extra 40kg. 

Made out of polypropylene, a highly flexible material, this belt will conform perfectly to your body. Polypropylene also reduces the friction that can occur when using heavy weights for maximum comfort during your workout. It is also highly resistant to moisture which is perfect for a gym belt because if you start to sweat during your workout it will not slide around and risk injury.

Dip belts are perfect additions to your workout because they help with progressive overload, something regular bodyweight training limits. They allow for extra weights to be added in order to increase resistance for upper-body exercises such as tricep dips and pull-ups.

Maximum Weight Capacity: 40kg.

Material: Polypropylene. 

  • ENHANCED RESISTANCE: Have the ability to progressively overload weights for your workouts. 

  • CONVENIENT AND TRANSPORTABLE: Takes up minimal space and can be packed away easily.