Multi Grip Cable Attachment
Close up of grip pull down attachment
Close up of handle of grip pull down attachment
Nirvana Adjustable Grip Pull-Down Cable Attachment
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Nirvana Adjustable Grip Pull-Down Cable Attachment

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The adjustable grip cable attachment is the most versatile attachment on the market allowing for Neutral, supinated and pronated hand positioning all in one attachment allowing for the most efficient workout experience imaginable. Simply loosening the tightening piece, rotating into one of three adjustment points and tightening allows for THREE adjustable grip positions in one attachment, allowing users to attach and target different muscles, the Adjustable Grip Cable Attachment is a must have.

The multi grip cable attachment increases efficiency while working out with a noticeable increase in muscle contraction and variety in targeting different pull angles with the multiple grip positioning offers. With the added benefit of relieving stress and tension on both your wrists and shoulders this particular attachment suits both pin-loaded pulldown and row exercises, definitely the best attachment to consider incorporating into a cable multi-station due to the sheer versatility this kit offers, isolating the lats with sheer precision.

Key Features – Multi Grip Cable Attachment

  • 3 x Adjustment Points 
  • Neutral, Supinated, Pronated Adjustment Points
  • Grippy rubber coating
  • Matte black rubber with red heavy duty steel finish
  • Easy adjustment within seconds (loosen, adjust, tighten)
  • Offers a more efficient/effective workout
  • Offers comfort and targets muscles
  • Reduced joint/shoulder strain

Assembled Size: LxWxH (58x17x18cm)

Rated: 150kg

Attach to any cable machines.