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Olympic Barbell Snap Locks (Red)

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Olympic snap collars are an essential in any home or commercial gym. Acting as a safety measure, snap collars are used to tightly secure your weight plates to the barbell during your lifts.

By eliminating any unintentional movement, you’ll be able to train with extra peace of mind knowing that your plates won’t be slipping around and causing any weight imbalances during your workout.

Please note, we recommend training without spring collars if you do not have a spotter for your bench press. This is because if you get stuck, or you put a bit too much weight on the bar you can tilt the barbell sideways to slide the weights off.

  • 50mm DIAMETER: These collars are compatible with any Olympic-sized barbell.

  • MATERIAL: Plastic material ensures that your barbell won’t get scratched or damage. It also makes it extremely easy to manoeuvre the collars on and off the bar. 

  • FAST LOCKING ACTION: Tightly secures these snap collars are the barbell shaft to hold weight plates in place.