Next Fitness All-In-One Functional Trainer G45
Landmine attachment secured to power rack
Rigid foot plate attached to functional trainer
Black low row bar attached to cable machine
Weight stack attached to a cable pulley machine
Black J-hooks attached to power rack
Single handle attached secured to cable machine
Exercise demonstrations on Next Fitness All-In-One Functional Trainer G45
Weight plate pegs attached to functional trainer
Pull up handle attached to functional trainer
Female using low pulley cable on functional trainer
Female doing pull up on functional trainer
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Next Fitness All-In-One Functional Trainer G45

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The Next Fitness All-In-One Functional Trainer G45 combines a half rack, cable pulley machine and smith machine into the ultimate training device. Equipped with an 82kg weight stack, and with a maximum 250kg weight capacity on the J-hooks, this functional trainer will be able to handle any workout you throw its way.

Despite its multiple workout stations and features, this functional trainer offers a practical and compact design that will fit seamlessly into your fitness space. Suitable for developing strength, aiding in functional training, or assisting with weight loss, the G45 All-In-One trainer can help you and your family achieve a variety of health and fitness goals.

Offering 16 levels of height adjustment, the power rack will meet all user and exercise demands. Compatible with 7ft barbells and Olympic weight plates the free weight system is excellent for working on your strength and aiding muscle growth. Perform explosive squats, rows and curls safely, without a spotter, and in the comfort of your own home. For your convenience, this functional trainer has six Olympic weight plate storage pegs attached to the frame to help keep your equipment clean, neat and organised.

Using a bushing bar movement system the smith machine offers an effortless movement pattern. This allows you too easily glide through each exercise without putting unnecessary pressure on the joints. The smith bar is Olympic sized, compatible with any Olympic weight plates. It can also hold up to 150kg, keeping up with your gains as you progress in the gym. 

Work on your functional movements with the dual cable system. Ideal for unilateral and bilateral exercises, the functional trainer allows you to hone in on specific muscle groups to improve strength, mobility, flexibility, and coordination. This will not only improve your performance in the gym, but will also help you perform everyday tasks more efficiently, leading to a better quality of life. 

To complement these three workout stations the Next Fitness All-In-One Functional Trainer G45 also includes a multi-grip chin up bar, landmine attachment, two single handles, a low row bar and u-hook. These features offer an endless number of exercise possibilities, however, if you’re stuck on what to do an exercise chart is attached to the back of the frame.


Maximum Weight Capacity - Smith Machine: 150kg.

Maximum Weight Capacity - J-Hooks: 250kg.

Maximum Weight Capacity - Pull Up Bar: 150kg.

Maximum Weight Capacity - U-Hook: 60kg. 

Product Weight: 220kg.



Approximate Assembled Dimensions: 167cm (L) X 178cm (W) X 220cm (H).

Please note: This functional trainer will require a 7ft Barbell. Therefore, the required width to fit this rack will be a minimum of 270cm (210cm Barbell with 30cm on either side so the user can add weight plates). 

Inside Width: 110cm.

Outside Width: 178cm.

Inside Depth: 115cm.

Outside Depth: 167cm.

Maximum Pull Up Bar Height: 210cm. 



Material: Steel polls, powder coated steel frame & chrome rail for smith machine.

Finish: Black powder coated finish.

Tube Size: 50mm X 50mm.

Hardware Size: 10mm.

Hole Spacing: 8cm.

Number of Holes: 16 levels of height adjustment.



2 x Single handle attachments.

1 x 82kg (180LBS) weight stack.

1 X Pair of J-hooks. 

1 X Landmine attachment. 

1 X Low row bar. 

6 x Olympic weight plate holders.

1 X U-hook (attached to frame).

1 X Pair of pull up handles (attached to frame). 

1 X Exercise chart (secures to frame). 



Next Fitness Utility FID Bench - $300

Please note: optional extras are NOT included.



Boxed Dimensions:
Box 1: 222cm (L) X 22 (W) X 23cm (H) - 47kg.

Box 2: 218cm (L) X 37cm (W) X 16cm (H) - 48kg. 

Box 3: 100cm (L) X 53cm (W) X 20cm (H) - 51kg. 

Box 4: 50cm (L) X 20cm (W) X 30cm (H) - 27kg.

Box 5: 50cm (L) X 20cm (W) X 30cm (H) - 27kg. 

Box 6: 50cm (L) X 20cm (W) X 35cm (H) - 28kg.

    • BUILT IN SMITH MACHINE: utilising a nylon bushing bar movement system, you can easy glide through the motions whilst using this all-in-one trainer. The bar is also compatible with any Olympic weight plates to best suit your home gym space.

    • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Made from high-quality materials, the Next Fitness G45 Smith Machine is highly resistant to wear and tear. With regular maintenance and care, this training system will last you years!

    • MULTI-GRIP CHIN UP BAR: Helps you to target different muscles in your upper body. Pull ups and chin ups are especially effective for sculpting your back. A U-hook has also been attached under the handles that can be used with a power band.

    • LANDMINE ATTACHMENT: This core trainer is a great way to mix up your compound lifts, helping you strength your entire body. Perform shoulder presses, squats, landmine rows and more with this awesome attachment. 

    • RIGID FOOT PLATE: To help prevent your feet from slipping when using the smith machine and squat rack.

    • WEIGHT PLATE STORAGE: Helps to keep your gym clean, neat and organised.

    12 months.