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Pro Performance Pack

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What's included

Chest day is the best day, and it just got a whole lot better with this epic lifting package! Made for all the weight training enthusiasts who love an upper body sesh, this gym package will help you crush some serious goals!

When you say push day, we think Body Iron Performance Pro bench. This elite piece of equipment includes 9 incline levels and 27 adjustment holes, making it extremely effective for targeting every inch of your pecs, triceps and shoulders.

For the days you are feeling the upper body burn you can easily squeeze in a leg day. Just reverse the j-hooks and safety spotters to transform this bench into a fully functioning squat rack!

We've also included the tri-grip weight plates as these little weapons offer way more than meets the eye. Inside each handle are finger ridges that allow you to secure a comfortable yet firm grip.  This means you can use these plates to perform a wide range of exercises, such as standing oblique side bends, walking lunges and upright rows. 

  • DUAL PURPOSE: everything in this package has multiple uses. The Body Iron Pro Bench doubles as a squat rack, whilst the tri-grip weight plates can be used as extra resistance or their own exercise tool. This saves you time, space and money, as it reduces the necessity to go out and buy any additional equipment.
  • BUILD STRENGTH AND SIZE: weight lifting is the most effective training technique to develop strength, increase your muscle size and completely reshape your physique. With 90kg worth of weight to work with, you'll be able to achieve any goal you set your mind to!

  • AID FAT LOSS: strength training is an excellent method for reducing excess body fat. This is because even after exercise has ceased, we continue to burn a excess calories. 

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