Valentine's Day Inspired Couple's Workout

You know what they say... couples who workout together, stay together, and with valentine’s day  fast approaching what better way to spend it with your partner than getting hot and sweaty from an epic workout session! That is why we have decided to spread a little love by sharing with you some of our favourite couples exercises, so that you can have a fit and flirty February 14th!

Exercise 1: Boxing

Not only is boxing a fantastic way to incorporate some cardio into your workout regime, but pounding on those pads is also a great way to  increase your upper body strength, work on your balance and blow off some steam. 

Grab your partner and hook and jab set to try out this awesome boxercise routine:

Each of you complete 5 x rounds of each combo:

  • Combo 1: 50 alternating jabs  + 50 alternating uppercuts + 10 jump squats

  • Combo 2: 15 left knees + 15 right knees + 15 burpees

  • Combo 3: 2 left jabs + 1 right jab + squat (duck under pad) + 1 right jab - repeat 10 times

  • Combo 4: sit up + 2 alternating jabs ascending up to 20 (sit up + 2 jabs, sit up + 4 jabs, sit up + 6 jabs…sit up + 20 jabs)

Couples Boxing

Exercise 2: Power Band Runs

When trying to improve your fitness working against a force is extremely important. This is because creating a resistance forces your muscles to work harder, which ultimately leads to increased muscular strength and power.

As the name suggests power bands are one of the most versatile and effective pieces of fitness equipment for creating resistance during a workout. 

For this particular exercise you will need an open space and someone to support you. Place the power band around your core whilst  your partner firmly holds the other end. The goal is to run as hard and fast as you can, whilst your partner holds you back. Creating this resistance will strengthen your quads, hamstrings and glutes, whilst also helping  you and your partner improve your balance, speed and stamina.  


Resistance Band Running

Exercise 3: Resistance Band Bicep Curls

When working on your physique symmetry is key, so it is important to incorporate both upper and lower body exercises into your training routine. One of our favourite couples exercises for working the upper body is resistance band bicep curls. 

For this exercise both of you will need to sit on the floor, holding one end of the resistance band each. For the person performing the exercise, you will need to hold the band in an undergrip position. Hold your elbows at a 90 degree angle and then pull the band towards your chest. Your partner at the other end will hold the resistance band steady, creating a force for you to work against. 


Resistance Band Bicep Curl

Exercise 4: Medicine Ball Sit Ups

Medicine ball sit ups are as effective as they are simple - just hold the ball tight to your chest whilst performing a standard sit up. 

If you are more advanced in your training you can increase the difficulty of this exercise by throwing the medicine ball to your partner at the top of the sit up (they will need to be standing). By adding this extra movement you will not only be working on your core strength but also your upper body and coordination. 

Medicine Ball Sit Up

Exercise 5: Russian Twist with Medicine Ball

Another great couples exercise that can be performed with a medicine ball is a russian twist. For this exercise you and your partner will be seated on the floor, on a slight backwards angle. Bend your knees slightly so your body weight is evenly distributed (to make this movement harder you can  lift your feet off the floor). Once you're in position rotate your core left to right, taking turns passing each other the medicine ball. It is important to maintain the correct position at all times by keeping your core firmly engaged.

Again, if you’re looking for a more difficult alternative, you can incorporate a seated squat into this exercise. Back to back, you and your partner can lower yourselves into a squat position. Once stable you can begin passing each other the medicine ball the same way described above. By including the seated squat you will also start to work on your lower body strength, balance and endurance. 

Medicine Ball Russian Twist


We know you are going to love these exercises as much as us. For more information on our products, or for any further workout inspo you can always get in touch with our expert team!

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