It's Never Too Small

Sometimes it’s not about the space you’re given but rather what you decide to do with it. You can have the perfect home gym even in the smallest areas as long as you find the right equipment to minimise space and maximise gains. Here’s how you can do it with the equipment from World Fitness:

STARTING WITH the Body Iron Wall Mounted Folding Squat Rack R1

WIth it’s foldable design, this wall mounted folding squat rack makes it easy to store away when not in use and helps to maximise efficiency in your space. Not only is it perfect for lower body exercises such as squats, and deadlifts, you can also use the rack for bench and overhead presses and  to give yourself a full body workout. 

The adjustable barbell hooks can hold up to a whopping 300kg so you’ll be sure to have the ability to perform the movements you’d like to while reducing the likelihood of injury.

FOLLOWED BY the Body Iron Tough V3 FID Bench

With 8 levels of changing incline, this FID bench makes it compatible with every user’s needs and allows your workouts to stay dynamic and progressive. The bench can be adjusted into incline, flat and decline positions to accommodate for the different exercises that can be performed on it. Along with the changing incline, the bench also features an adjustable seat pad making it perfect for users of all fitness levels.

As it can be used hand-in-hand with dumbbells and barbells and is compatible with most squat stands and power racks, what more could you ask for?

AND the Nirvana Pro Bumper Olympic Weight Tree

The perfect storage solution for your barbells and bumper plates. The vertical build means your weights won’t be spread out and also allows the weight tree to be pushed into a corner. Featuring 6 chrome weight plate storage pegs as well as 2 chrome barbell holders to free up precious floor space. The rack is made from thick, durable steel with a smooth powder coated finish to protect your weights from wear and tear while also helping with the organization and cleanliness of your space. 

DON’T FORGET ABOUT the 130kg Olympic Barbell & Weight Plate Set

What’s a weight tree with no weights? This 130kg barbell and weight plate set has you set. 

The olympic barbell itself is a must have for your home gym as it can be incorporated into your training for most of your upper and lower body workouts. Barbells are known to be one of the most important tools for developing strength and increasing muscle size. You can also add on the weight plates if you’re looking for some extra intensity.

If you don’t want to use the plates on the barbell, the smooth finger ridges inside the handle provides a comfortable grip as you perform exercises such as walking lunges and upright rows.

HOW ABOUT some Power and Resistance Bands?

Power and resistance bands are a versatile and portable training tool that can be used to compliment your next workout. These bands can be used everywhere - at home, in the gym, at the park or even if you’re traveling and the compact nature makes them easy to store away without taking up much space.

They can also be used to train your entire body ranging from your upper body right down to your glutes and calves so you’ll be sure to maximise your gains. The use and benefits of the band are basically limitless.

AND FINALLY, you can’t go wrong with a Skipping Rope

Skipping is an excellent form of cardio that can be used to burn through a high volume of calories in a short amount of time. Not only does it offer a full body workout, it also helps to improve your cardiovascular health and endurance as well as tone your calves and tighten your abdominal muscles.

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