Train Like Tammy Hembrow

Want to know what's inside Tammy Hembrow's personal gym? Well we've got the inside scoop, showing you exactly how you can train like Tammy!

Over the last 9 months the (WFA) team have been helping fitness influencer and model Tammy Hembrow build her dream gym space! 

Tammy has been building her personal gym to help create content for the Tammy Fit App, a platform she has been building over the last 6 years to help women train for their goals and to use food as fuel, so that they can work towards becoming stronger, happier and healthier. 

Tammy's mission is something WFA is extremely passionate about and we are so appreciative to be part of her journey. 

Today we wanted to share with you some behind the scenes action, so that you can get a little insight into the what equipment Tammy uses and the types of exercises she incorporates throughout her Tammy Fit programs.


This functional trainer is a staple piece of Tammy's gym. Incorporated into a variety of upper and lower body workouts on the Tammy Fit app, the LPFTG is one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment in the market.

We often see Tammy use the Bodycraft LPFTG on booty day, with one of her favourite exercises definitely being the cable kick back.

Some of the other common exercises she performs on this functional trainer


• Hip Abductions

• Triceps Overhead Extensions

• Cable Squats into RDL

• Cable Sumo Squats

• B Stance RDL's

• Cable Reverse Lunges

• Cable Face Pulls

Hot tip: purchase some ankle cuffs for your cable machine to do more lower body exercises. 


      You guessed it, another booty day favourite. Tammy regularly uses her smith machine for a range of leg day exercises including squat variations, lunge variations, donkey kicks and more!

      Tammy Hembrow performing leg exercises on smith machine


      No gym space is complete without a strong, adaptable and sexy gym bench, and boy did Tammy do a good job picking out the best we had. 

      The Body Iron Commercial Pro Club Adjustable Bench 885 offers 7 incline positions and has a 500kg weight capacity, meaning this weight bench will be able to keep up with Tammy's gains for a lifetime!

      Another staple in Tammy's lower body workouts, the Body Iron 885 Adjustable bench is regularly used during the following exercises:

      • Single Arm Bent Over Rows

      • Bench Supported Cable Kick Backs 

      • Hip Thrusts

      • Bulgarian Split Squats


          Tammy Hembrow Performing Barbell Back Squat

          Your squat rack is the centerpiece to any gym, and Tammy chose a beauty!

          Although it only weighs 40kg, the Body Iron SQR 60 can hold up to a massive 400kg! It includes a built in pull up and comes with two j-hooks to support all barbell exercises.

          We mostly see Tammy pumping out her squat and deadlift variations with this bad boy, although the large inside space does also accomodate for bench assisted exercises such as chest and military presses.

          If you need any help building a home gym of your own we welcome you to reach out to our friendly and expert team

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